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Quality policy 

Continual improvement of the quality management systems 
Corporate management, all employees and cooperators will strive to continually improve the quality of products and services provided to customers. 

Research & development

Through our own research we will keep ensuring the purest production methods of the highest quality. 

Product range
We will expand continually our current product range not only in the field of bio-information products but in other market segments, too. 

Application of more and more strict criteria for input materials, production planning and management together with the improvement of quality of design and informational value of the promotional material is one of the cardinal tasks of our company. 

Foreign markets
Objective of the international sales project is to seek favorable and profitable foreign markets and other cooperating parties. In the future the results of this project should have greater impact on the corporate sales activities. 

We pay great attention to further development of manufacturing, measuring and medical instruments and technologies expanding our current range of products and services and providing greater support to the promotion of our products. 

Supporting projects
One of the important supporting projects is further development of our software department in their creation of tailor-made IT solution and their commercial use. 

Considering the character of our products our sponsoring activities concentrate mostly on professional sportsmen and various sports events. 

We will keep supporting selected charity projects and activities, primarily aimed at children and handicapped people.