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Within several years after its establishment Energy Group, a. s. built up its subsidiaries in Slovakia, Poland and Hungary. Now Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary are united in a single market where most of commercial activities are carried out throughout the whole Energy international system. All these countries are included into the Energy Information System a reliable online communication tool for the corporate management, its foreign subsidiaries and single points of sales. This online networking enables modern mode of operation and management that has its advantages and benefits for all our customers.

In January 2003 Energy Group, a. s. established a new International Sales Department that covers foreign markets not included into the single market. In these countries Energy Group, a. s. is present through other companies as its official representatives. These representatives use their own system of distribution and sales. Energy Group provides them with the products and all needed support from the documents needed for the certification of the products in foreign countries up to various special trainings. Communication between Energy Group and its representatives is ensured by the Customer Relationship Management, a web interface application allowing both parties to communicate quickly and effectively.