Energy Top


Sales Department
Operates the corporate sales structure and Central European international sales system unified in the single market (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary). 

International Sales Department
Maintains contacts and cooperation with those interested in our products from the countries outside the single market. At the same time it provides support to the partners with a status of (general) importers. 

Research & Development Department
Engaged in research and development in the field of alternative medicine and pharmacology. In the laboratories throughout the Czech Republic and abroad employees and outside consultants examine and develop bio-active substances to be used in prime bio-information products. 

Technology Department
Carries out the research in the field of modern technologies of classical and alternative medicine and development of testing devices for more exact diagnostic methods to improve sales promotion and further commercial use. 

Manufacturing Department
The main task of this department is to ensure a flawless manufacturing process of all products. It includes securing supplies, preparation of the production technologies, production itself, and distribution of the products to all markets.

Veterinary Department
Fully responsible for the line of Energy veterinary products and their marketing.

Finance Department
Accounting and financial management of the Directorate-General and Czech Republic Head Office.

IT Department
Full software service for all companies included in the EG holding. IT specialists ensure development and administration of all IT systems and further commercial use of the developed business applications.