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From the moment of your first step you become a central point of your “geographical compass”. However, various situations in your life unbalance you from this central position and quite often it is not so easy to get back to the central point, to the original, starting point of your self. Energies and emotions of any man are the cause of his/her deviation from that central point. All their lives people have to keep establishing relations that will help them to find a way back and reach some sort of balance and harmony. Only when you are rooted in your central point you are able to fully use your innate power. The easiest way to reach a desired balance and harmony is through small daily rituals. And here you can use a brand new product group, our third Pentagram – Pentagram of herbal soaps based on the unique method of the Regeneration in Pentagram. These soaps contain herbal extracts, pure essential oils and the thermal water from the Podhajska hot spring. The individual soaps of the Pentagram support five elements, so you can take your journey without being afraid of deviation to various directions. Just choose one of these five soaps.