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PROBIOSAN INOVUM - new probiotic product with 10 probiotic cultures

Probiosan Inovum is our new probiotic product containing glucose, inulin, colostrum, beta-glucans from the oyster mushroom extract and a blend of 10 probiotic cultures. The probiotics itself is in a powder form. The powder shall be mixed in a provided bottle which shall be filled with cooled boiled water. The bottle cap contains a dropper allowing thus the exact dosage. The whole packaging contains one 20ml bottle with a dropper included in a cap, paper funnel, and three 4g sachets of the probiotic mixture. Each sachet is designed for the one week dosage.

Probiosan Inovum can be of help in following conditions:
  • digestive tract and intestines – infectious diarrhea, travelers’ diarrhea, diarrhea after radiotherapy and chemotherapy; constipation mainly in older people, inflammations of intestines, bad breath
  • strengthening of immunity – through stimulation of activity of white blood cells and production of antibodies
  • allergic respiratory and skin disorders – allergic cold, pink eye, bronchial asthma, skin nettle-rash and atopic eczema, lactose intolerance
  • antibiotic treatment – following the new recommendation the probiotic product shall be applied at the very start of the treatment; allow 4 hour interval between the application of antibiotic and probiotic
  • recurring inflammations of the urinary bladder, gynecological inflammations
  • high cholesterol level
  • prevention of tooth decay
  • dealing with some complicated or unforeseen situation