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Introduction to philosophy

The new progressive method of reverse regeneration is based upon the principles of biotransformation therapy and the holistic approach to man. It avails of the latest findings of psychotronics, phytotherapy, homeopathy, crystal therapy and bioresonance. The information carrier is a herbal poly-composite extract which is harmonised on the basis of a certain system helping to restore the balance of all vital processes within the body.

Bioinformation products developed on the basis of this new method act in the human body on several levels at the same time. The active substances from plants influence body organs directly via the meridian links and by means of bioresonance the information components offset the cause of the disease in the very information field of man. Their synergy brings about their maximum efficacy. Bioinformation products in general harmonise the personality of an individual. Balance is restored via reverse symptoms of the past diseases. Each plant, mineral, and other substances which may be used for regeneration, have their peak efficacy at a certain degree of dilution. In the development of our products this principle has been availed of as much as possible.

The entire system of reverse regeneration composes of the essential wide-spectrum regeneration products and supplementary products, which complement each other and are intended for the regeneration of any important area of the human organism. The word "wide-spectrum” means that each product regenerates several areas at the same time. The creativity of application of individual products and the simplicity of the system represent a major benefit, allowing anybody to preventively care for their health through harmonisation.

There is no “absolute” health. In order to maintain the optimum condition, however, it is necessary to enhance those systems which are lagging behind others. Once you exceed the limits of harmony, you fall ill. Negative influences make harmony trail away from the body. Where the negative circumstances last long, the stage of chronic, permanent disharmony is established. For example, the fatigue syndrome and a whole number of serious diseases are characterised by a deep energy deficiency and disharmony.

The onset of disharmony and disease always has its roots in the energy system of the body. Nothing works, nothing goes, nothing moves without adequate energy. It involves the understanding of the essential principle of existence of man and life in the universe as such. This cannot do without energy, either! Ancient civilisations drew upon this knowledge thousands of years ago. Their natural philosophy and methods of regeneration of man were of the highest standard, and not only in the Eastern civilisations. The mutual links between the material and biological worlds are as natural as the conjunction of classical therapy and natural methods of regeneration.

Each product partakes in the enhancement of immunity through harmonisation of the relevant energy paths of our organs. Balance among individual organs of the human body is necessary just like in nature. Any deviation from the normal may be considered a sign of disharmony or disease. An offset energy deficiency results in better organ functions. With the elimination of toxins from the body by means of phyto-substances and bioinformation the pace of this process gets several times quicker. That is why this method of regeneration ranks among worldwide novelties and deserves dissemination all over our beautiful planet.

Stop and think what you do not do right in your life, what you eat, how much you move, how you behave, and then you are likely to decide to slowly change your lifestyle. You may be pleasantly surprised and we believe that you will not be disappointed.