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EG is open to any interest in cooperation in sales and promotion. Upon the first contact the interested party is asked to fill out a simple questionnaire that will provide EG with basic data about the interested party. This questionnaire is meant only for the internal use of EG and is never supplied to the third party. The interested party can be natural person or a corporate body. In any case the interested party should have a legal residence in a country of business, i.e. either citizenship, or permanent or long-term residence.

On starting the cooperation the interested party is obliged to secure the official approval of EG products for their sales in the country of business at his/her own costs. EG shall provide the interested party with standard product documentation for each product. It is advisable for the interested party to communicate with the relevant national authorities and make an inquiry as for his/her obligations as an importer and distributor of food supplements and cosmetics.

Upon reaching mutual agreement EG and the interested party shall conclude the Contract of Purchase further specifying the cooperation terms.

To answer most of the questions regarding the cooperation that may arise we have created a special material Energy Partnerís Manual that covers all basic aspects. This material can be downloaded here