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Drags imun is a bio-information preparation containing a pure latex from the tree Croton lechleri Muell. Arg. Peruvian Indians call this tree SANGRE DE DRAGO Dragon's Blood. Latex is of red color and is collected by cutting the bark of the tree that could be found along the rivers in the Peruvian Amazonia.

General Research:
From the therapeutic point of view Croton lechleri used topically inhibits gram-positive bacteria and dermatophytic fungi. It acts on Sindbis virus, Cytomegalovirus murine, and Escherichia coli. Trimethoxyphenols obtained from Croton lechleri have stronger effect than the effect of penicillin. The mixture of proanthocyanidin polymers known as SP-303 shows stronger properties inhibiting the strains of respiratory syncytial viruses (RSV) A and B, influenza A (FLU-A) and parainfluenza viruses (PIV). Further it in
hibits Herpes simplex virus (HSV), including the one unresponsive to acyclovir and foscarnet. It is also effective against Hepatitis A and B viruses. One of the latest discoveries (Miller M., 1999) has shown the activity of Croton in vitro against Helicobacter pylori that cause stomach ulcers. The tests proved that in cases of peptic ulcers it speeds up the healing by almost 50% and it improves also quality of a stomach wall. In low concentrations Croton lechleri has prooxidant effect and in high concentrations it has strong antioxidant effect.

This tree contains two types of alkaloids with stimulating and relaxing effect; 54% of tannin that has strong astringent effect; 4% of sugar composed of milk sugar, galactose, and rhamnose; further phenolic compounds among them gallic acid and saponins of low concentrations; taspine chlorhydrate, -3',4-O-dimetylocedrusine, and proanthocyanidin; six simple phenols and their derivatives, three steroids (sitosterol, b-sitosterol, and catechins). Six diterpenoids and SP 303 oligomeric proanthocyanidin were found in the tree bark.

Croton lechleri shows strong antibacterial, anti-microbial, antiviral, anti-mycotic, antioxidant, and haemostatic effects, which speed up healing of the wounds, tissues, skin, thrushes, ulcers, and inflammation, mainly in oral cavity, pharynx, and larynx.

It has also strong anti-stress, aphrodisiac, and tonifying effect. It facilitates regeneration and strengthens the immunity of the organism. It positively affects the cases of respiratory and pyretic conditions, influenza, malaria, hepatitis A and B, diseases caused by the retroviruses, cytomegaloviruses, and other infectious diseases.

Drags Imun primarily affects the channels of spleen, stomach, three burners, small and large intestines, and yang and yin connective channels . Thus it affects the conditions related to the insufficient function of the organs on the aforementioned channels.

Spleen and its importance:
The cases of malfunction of spleen, which is the important organ for immunity, may cause various problems. The extremities lose their power and mobility (primarily toes), the muscles slacken and the atrophy occurs. This condition is accompanied by the aches and pain in the area of ribs, middle and cervical spine. The lips are pale and droopy and one loses one's appetite. The secretion of saliva is increased. In some cases saliva may spontaneously ooze out of the mouth. When the channels of spleen and heart are in disorder, it causes deterioration of the brain and other mental conditions. If it is accompanied by the stress, then it results in digestion disorders, loss of appetite, flatulence, sometimes even vertigo, vomiting, heart pounding, swellings, and others.

Preparation use:
The preparation activates bone marrow and shows a positive effect the regeneration of blood in cases of anemia and leukemia . It improves functioning of the lungs and heart , quality of bones and joints , and has positive effect in cases of arthrosis and cervical and dorsal spine conditions. In dentistry it may be used in the treatment of periodontitis, bleeding gums , increased decay of teeth , and post-extraction conditions.

It protects the genetic information of cells from damage, and acts in cases of decreased function of thyroid gland , Parkinson disease , trigeminal nerve inflammation, the CNS disorders, Lyme borreliosis, varicose and stomach ulcers , inflammations of small and large intestine, diarrhea, flatulence, digestion disorders, diabetes, and multiple sclerosis .

By its antioxidant property it protects cells from the damage by UV radiation, e.g. while tanning in a solarium. Used internally it helps against increased occurrence of bruises ; used topically it facilitates the regeneration of abrasions .

Drags Imun diluted in water or combined with the preparation Vironal may be used as a gargle for sore throat . It reduces fever and combined with Cytovital eliminates pyretic conditions.

Regeneration process and dosage:

Use internally maxim 10 drops 1 3 times a day. Wash it down with water. After three weeks interrupt the treatment for one week. Increase your intake of fluids during the treatment, so as to stimulate the detoxification process.

The preparation contains neither preservatives, nor additives.
Shake well before use.
Food supplement.
Not suitable for children, pregnant and nursing women.