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The current range of herbal teas has been extended with two more teas – Green Tea GABA (Camellia sinensis) and puncture vine (Tribulus terrestris).

Green Tea GABA is of Chinese origin, where it is processed in a specific way, so the tea leaves keep up to twentyfold higher volume of gamma-aminobutyric acid than the commonly processed tea leaves. The tea leaves undergo the aerobic processing, curling and drying. This way this tea becomes a brand new type of the product that is not affected by any chemical reaction in the course of production. This tea can be used repeatedly; if you follow the recommended way of preparation, you can prepare up to 5 infusions from one dose.



 Puncture vine is a small hairy medicinal plant originally from the sandy shores of China and Japan. From there it spread out in dry areas all over the world. Although it is a typical weedy species, it is also grown for pharmaceutical purposes because it has rather broad range of use and a number of positive effects on a human body.