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Grepofit Drops - new addition to Grepofit product line

Very popular group of Grepofit products is now extended with the third product in a form of drops and named Grepofit Drops. It contains the same plant extracts which are already used in Grepofit capsules; however, these extracts are based on water-alcohol extraction (in total the final product contains 25% of alcohol). The product contains no additives. This method allowed the usage of the grapefruit extract twice as concentrated. Grepofit Drops effect is almost immediate and is quickly absorbed thus it is an excellent complement to Grepofit capsules, the effect of which is much slower but more long-term. Grepofit Drops is packed in a 30ml bottle with a dropper included in a cap (same as in concentrates). The use of dropper allows the flexible and exact dosage. As the packaging of Grepofit Spray and Grepofit Drops is rather similar, we have added a small icon of the dropper on the front and upper panel of the Grepofit Drops box.